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Clouds Wall Key Holder Key Holder for Wall Dog Leash Hanger Sunglasses Hanger


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Organize Your Home, Beautifully: Life can be one big spinning ball of chaos, so organize it! Hang this special key hook on the wall near your door to keep your valuables safe and ready for use. Make your first step into or out of your home a moment of calm and order.
Modern Wall Art: Everything you hang on your wall should be beautiful- that's why we designed this functional key holder to double as a statement piece of wall art. Pair it with a framed print or family photo to make it truly your own.
Just the Right Size: The mail and key holder for wall is big enough to hold those valuable items you need at your fingertips everyday- your keys, your face masks, sunshades, smart phone, letters, dog leash and hats- but not so big as to become overly cluttered.
Sturdy, Wide Key Hangers: Durable hooks will hold more than keys- think umbrella, lanyards, pet supplies, scissors and more. High-quality, matching hardware is included to ensure your key hanger holds strongly and securely to your wall.
Please note that glue is not mailed because it is a toxic substance. Key hook installation is very simple, please use your imagination. ?
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