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Happy Halloween Spare Tire Cover For Jeep/RV/Camper/SUV

SKU: LTB065-14

$120.00 $35.95

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Custom tire covers are great for: 1.advertising 2.sprucing up your Jeep,CRV,RAV4,SUV,etc 3.adding a funny, cool or sarcastic attitude 4.showing off your favorite photo

Diameter and tire type:

23.5 inch - 27.0 inch(205/70R15,215/65R16,225/55R17)

27.5 inch - 29.5 inch(215/65R16,225/65R17,235/70R16,235/75R15,245/75R15,255/55R17)

30.0 inch - 31.0 inch(31X10.5R15,235/75R16,245/75R16,265/65R17,265/70R16,275/70R15)

31.5 inch - 32.5 inch(235/85R16,245/75R17,255/75R17,265/75R16)